Eavor Mobile App Now Available

Everything you need to know about Eavor is now in the palm of your hand! – Keep up to date with Eavor with the social media feed.– Learn all about the technology that makes and Eavor-Loop work.– Watch all the latest videos including the Harmony video.– Get a full overview of the company with the Media […]

Perc.org – Harnessing The Heat Beneath Our Feet

Eavor Technologies was recently featured in a fantastic and informative article on Perc.org. In it the energy source transition to geothermal is shown to be cheap, compact, safe, non-polluting, reliable, inexhaustible, and unconstrained by geography. “Eavor has completed a closed-loop demonstration system in Alberta, Canada. Sage Geosystems, also founded in Houston, is pursuing a hybrid […]

The Race to Zero: Fighting Climate Change with Decarbonization Solutions

Temasek geothermal

A recent article covering Singapore-based investment company Temasek’s recent investment in Eavor is a must-read. In it, the discussion for decarbonization and the acceleration to a zero-carbon emission transition is made. “Temasek has invested in companies like Eavor and Svante, which aim to change the way the world produces energy and raw materials using innovative […]

Geothermal Will Change Our World… ForEavor

geothermal technologies

Take a journey through several kinds of Geothermal technologies and learn more about this incredible source of energy that will reduce emissions, provide jobs and bring us all together for a cleaner, brighter future.

Video – Ingenuity in Energy Featuring Eavor’s Lead Engineer Bailey Schwarz

bailey schwarz

Ingenuity in Energy spotlights individuals who are challenging the status quo and reshaping the future of the industry. The panel-style event hosts five speakers from different facets within Alberta’s energy and natural resources landscape to provide a unique perspective on the transformational innovation taking place. Aaron Foyer (Co-Founder of Energy Minute) will be moderating the […]

BBC World Service – Tapping The Sun Beneath Our Feet

sun beneath our feet

Eavor was recently mentioned in the BBC World Service podcast entitled ‘Tapping The Sun Beneath Our Feet’. “Could geothermal energy provide a big missing piece in the puzzle of how to decarbonize the world economy? And do we need the help of oil companies to make use of it?” “The last two years have seen […]

Geothermal and Indonesia’s Energy Transition

geothermal in Indonesia

With the advent of geothermal technologies on the rise, countries with huge geothermal potential have taken notice, one such country is Indonesia. This potential comes from the country’s location in the ring of fire volcano line. Approximately 28.91 GW of geothermal energy potential is spread across 312 locations on several islands such as Java, Sulawesi […]

Positioning Geothermal – The Unification Of A Singular Message

Geothermal Eavor

With the ever-growing concern of nonrenewable energy’s effect on the environment being a hot topic and issue, there has been a substantial shift and increase in the inception and development of renewable energy companies the world over. However, in this regard, the geothermal energy sector has not received the spotlight it so readily requires. This […]

Paradox Access – Alberta’s Energy Sector & Geothermal Energy

“As Alberta continues to seek out innovative clean energy alternatives, geothermal energy is quickly making a name for itself as an integral component of the future of Alberta’s energy sector.” Eavor was recently featured in a great article about Alberta’s innovative clean energy alternatives. “The Future of Geothermal Energy” “The advances in geothermal energy are […]

3 Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy If You Are Betting on Geothermal

“Geothermal energy will play a critical role in the transition to renewable energy” A recent article from Investor Place by Faisal Humayun highlights how Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A, NYSE:BRK-B) is typically correct when it comes to investing in long-term value creators and among Berkshire Hathaway’s recent investments are a growing portfolio of companies that are in […]

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