The Switch – Geothermal is the future of energy – John Redfern, CEO Eavor

Eavor CEO, John Redfern was recently interviewed on the Baseload Capital ‘The Switch’ podcast for a special CERA Week episode entitled ‘Geothermal is the future of energy.’

Japan Prepares for Power Crunch as Heat Mounts

A heatwave in Japan has incited authorities to strongly recommended reducing power usage while temperatures reached 35 degrees celsius for a second day. Seasonal heatwaves aren’t uncommon in Japan, however media reports claim that a lack of action by the government to reduce emissions may have allowed the anomaly to occur.

Eavor Technologies – June Events 2022 Recap

The month of June saw a variety of events in energy. Bringing together some of the world’s leading experts to explore the state of the industry, the challenges it faces in light of a polarizing year and fostering innovation through newer technologies. The Eavor team shared their insight into advanced geothermal technology and the current rate of renewable markets at the following events.

The Promise of Geothermal Energy – The Curious Worldview Podcast with guest John Redfern

Eavor’s President and CEO, John Redfern, was a recent guest on the Curious Worldview Podcast sharing his insights into the promise of geothermal energy. Joined by host Ryan Faulkner-Hogg, the two deep-dive John’s experiences in China throughout his career, the hurdles geothermal continues to face, and what’s next for geothermal and Eavor’s advanced geothermal technology.

Betting on Geothermal Could Avoid Climate Catastrophe: Globe and Mail Opinion

A recent opinion piece was published in the Globe and Mail on how a renewed focus on geothermal could prevent a climate catastrophe. The piece was authored by Thomas Homer-Dixon, the executive director of the Cascade Institute at Royal Roads University. Ian Graham, physicist and senior fellow at the Cascade Institute. Ellen Quigley, senior research associate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge.

AIM2Flourish: Eavor named as Finalist in 2022 Flourish Prizes

Eavor was named a finalist in the Flourish Prizes by the Fowler Centre for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. The Fowler Centre for Business as an Agent for World Benefit is an organization that advocates for a more sustainable future. The organization host an annual award named the Flourish Prizes, to which Eavor was named a finalist for its ‘go-anywhere’ geothermal technology.

Locally Produced 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Made Possible with AGS

Locally produced electricity provides an abundance of benefits to a nation and its people. Furthermore, nations around the world can produce local carbon-free energy, supporting their efforts to reduce the amount of carbon they emit into the atmosphere.

Radio Canada: “Geothermal energy is about to live its heyday”

Geothermal energy continues to receive renewed interest in Canada. As a global energy leader lacking in its geothermal development, the industry is poised for a breakthrough.

UK Study on the Potential for Geothermal

The UK Parliament recently published a study on Geothermal Energy. The study provides a broad overview of where the UK views the potential for geothermal, in light of advancements in technology.

Rapid Decarbonizing Risk to Canada’s Energy Security

In the race to 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy, is Canada’s Energy Security at risk? The recent conflict between Ukraine and Russia has brought energy security to the forefront. Canada’s energy sector has had a tumultuous few years, seeing oil and gas prices plummet, resulting in an emergency meeting to stabilize oil prices, lack of appropriate investment into local energy tech, and political tension around cross border pipelines.

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