Future energy – geothermal power – Always on, flexible power that could become central to net-zero ambitions

A recent article in Wood Mackenzie spoke about the future costs of energy and compared them to Geothermal, but more importantly, Closed-Loop geothermal.

Podcast – Engage by the Global Energy Show Featuring Chris Cheng

Listen to EP 6 of the Engage Podcast by the Global Energy Show Featuring Eavor’s Chris Cheng.

In this episode host Alexandria Shrake interviews Chris Cheng, Senior Development Engineer, Eavor Technologies.

Former Petroceltic Chief Joins in New Venture to Tap Into Geothermal Energy

The industry surrounding geothermal technologies has yet another new venture on its horizon. Chairman of Europa Oil & Gas, director of Nephin Energy, and Former Petroceltic chief executive Brian O’Cathain has initiated a new venture with other exploration industry figures to tap into the geothermal market.

Can this Temasek-backed geothermal startup power all of Singapore?

Merkur.de recently featured Eavor Technologies in an article, discussing their most recent project in Geretsried. The project entails using the existing drilling site at Hofgut Breitenbach and expanding it for the creation of the Eavor Loop, as well as establishing a second drilling site and power plant to supply electricity.

The Energy Evolution: Alberta’s Opportunity in Geothermal

“Even though it has been around for more than 100 years, geothermal energy has not been able to breakthrough its niche and become a significant part of the conversation around energy and our energy future.

Until recently.

The New Productivity Revolution

Are all the significant inventions already achieved?
A new piece in city-journal.org speaks about closed-loop geothermal changing the world. Is closed-loop geothermal the new ‘internal combustion engine’ for a clean energy future?

Geothermal’s Eavor Rising Stock

Clean energy and the role it has to play are expanding, as is its stock. Renewable energy is standing out as one of the fastest-moving energy sectors.

Global Energy Show – Paul Cairns, Chief Business Development Officer, Eavor Technologies

As part of the Global Energy Show’s 5×5 series, Paul Cairns, Chief Business Development Officer of Eavor Technologies Inc. sat down with Rachel Gregory to discuss the scalable innovation – the Eavor Loop, the energy transition from a geothermal perspective and why it’s important to be at the Global Energy Show.

Global Energy Show – Interview with Neil Ethier, Senior Business Development, Eavor

As part of the Global Energy Show’s 5×5 series, Neil Ethier, Senior Business Development of Eavor Technologies Inc. sat down with Rachel Gregory to discuss solutions capable of disrupting the electricity market, repurposing oil and gas assets for geothermal projects and working with the Alberta Government to develop Bill 36 (the Geothermal Resource Development Act).

Eavor Mobile App Now Available

Everything you need to know about Eavor is now in the palm of your hand! – Keep up to date with Eavor with the social media feed.– Learn all about the technology that makes and Eavor-Loop work.– Watch all the latest videos including the Harmony video.– Get a full overview of the company with the Media… Continue reading Eavor Mobile App Now Available

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