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The Race to Zero: Fighting Climate Change with Decarbonization Solutions

A recent article covering Singapore-based investment company Temasek’s recent investment in Eavor is a must-read. In it, the discussion for decarbonization and the acceleration to a zero-carbon emission transition is made.

“Temasek has invested in companies like Eavor and Svante, which aim to change the way the world produces energy and raw materials using innovative decarbonization technologies.”

The article also highlights the difference between typical geothermal plants and the solutions Eavor is bringing into the fray to mitigate past problems and tribulations the industry has suffered.

“Unlike typical geothermal energy power plants, which are site-specific and could increase the risk of earthquakes, Eavor says its solutions are benign and can be implemented almost anywhere on Earth. That includes near urban centers, or even in remote areas that lack access to electricity. Typical power installations, which have about 10 Eavor-Loops on the same location, can deliver enough electricity for up to 100,000 homes, Eavor adds.”

Continue reading “The Race to Zero: Fighting Climate Change with Decarbonisation Solutions” in the Temasek Review 2021.

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