Perc.org – Harnessing The Heat Beneath Our Feet

Eavor Technologies was recently featured in a fantastic and informative article on Perc.org. In it the energy source transition to geothermal is shown to be cheap, compact, safe, non-polluting, reliable, inexhaustible, and unconstrained by geography.

“Eavor has completed a closed-loop demonstration system in Alberta, Canada. Sage Geosystems, also founded in Houston, is pursuing a hybrid model. Quaise is commercializing millimeter-wave drilling invented at MIT.”

“The most attractive element of advanced geothermal is the ability, in principle, to place such systems anywhere—even next to or underneath major cities. No assumptions about subsurface rock structures need to be made.”

“With today’s technology, most of the startups pursuing enhanced and advanced geothermal concepts reckon they could produce electricity at or below four cents per kilowatt-hour. That is for electricity that runs 24/7, whether the sun shines or the wind blows. With new technology, the cost could fall by half or more.”

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