Eavor-Lite™ Virtual Tour

Take an immersive journey into Eavor’s demonstration of a closed-loop geothermal power plant located in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The tour below allows you to navigate the facility in virtual reality in true scale, access knowledge panels throughout where you’ll meet some of the Eavor team, and gain deeper knowledge into the promise of Eavor’s advanced geothermal technology.


For optimal performance, please use the Google Chrome browser

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We want to remind our users that this tour can be experienced on a desktop or laptop computer, or taken with our mobile app available on IOS and Android.

To move around the world, you can use either the arrow keys or the “W, A, S, D” keys in combination with the mouse. The keys will move you forward, backward and side to side, and the mouse will move the camera.



As you move around, you’ll notice a white dot in the center of the screen. Position this dot over an Eavor-Loop icon and click. This will play the videos on the information panels. You can also click to stop.



When the tour starts, you will begin at position 1, as you look around the world, you’ll notice numbers at the top of the information panels. It’s best to experience the tour in the order of the numbers seen above, but it’s not totally vital. You are free to watch and rewatch the videos in any order you like. But watching them in order is the best experience.

This tour is also available to experience through the Oculus Virtual Reality Headset, if you’re interested in experiencing the tour in VR, please contact press@eavor.com

NEW – If you own an Oculus Quest 2, and have set it up using your phone and your own account, you can download this app for free at this link below. Note – You must click this link through your phone.
– Eavor-Lite: Virtual Tour App Lab Link

To experience the tour on mobile please download our mobile app.

Read more about what energy experts say about the Eavor-Lite™ demonstration project and new generations of technology being developed by Eavor. 

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