eavor performance update

Our next-generation geothermal demonstration project.

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Our Journey to the Center of the Earth

This project, code named ‘Eavor-Deep™’, is a test site where Eavor intends to drill the hottest directional and deepest geothermal well in history. This well will showcase Eavor’s proprietary drilling technology and will demonstrate all the components required to construct commercial Eavor-Loops in deep, hot rock. This is an important milestone that unlocks an enormous portfolio of Eavor-Loop™ project locations in key US, European & APAC markets, now.

eavor performance update

Our next-generation geothermal demonstration project.

Progress Complete
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Eavor Quotes

Bailey Schwarz

Director, North America Projects

“The milestones achieved here at Eavor-Deep™ build and add to the technical milestones demonstrated at our Eavor-Lite™ demonstration facility.”

John Redfern

CEO & President

“If everything goes according to plan, we will have a clear line-of-sight to clean, scalable & reliable sub $60/MWh electricity costs.”

Matt Toews

Chief Technology Officer

“The next generation drilling technologies demonstrated at Eavor-Deep™ will enable clean local energy autonomy Everywhere.”

Mark Hodder

VP Well Engineering & Operations

“Our successes at Eavor-Deep™ are credited to the talents, commitment and passion of the combined teams of Eavor and H&P.”


Historically, the deeper and higher temperature the rock, the slower and more expensive drilling becomes. The Eavor-Deep™ project is designed to break this paradigm and show linear, and potentially sublinear, drilling costs in super-hot ultra-deep environments: Eavor-Aiki™.


Partner Quotes

Nick Goodman

CEO of Cyrq Energy, Inc.

“Cyrq is determined to deliver energy solutions using the highest-grade technology to a world striving for green energy. The opportunity to contribute to and work in partnership with the innovative people at Eavor for this project aligns perfectly with our goals.”

Chris Miller

Director of H&P ventures

“Improving lives through affordable and responsible energy is a central goal and philosophy at H&P. Once getting to know the team at Eavor, it was easy how we could support and complement each other. We are tremendously encouraged by the opportunities we see working and innovating with Eavor.”


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