Singapore aiming to increase innovative technology to cool its city

A New York Times feature article titled How To Cool Down a City is emphasizing innovative urban planning in Singapore to combat rising temperatures. According to the article, there are some areas of the metropolis that are about six degrees hotter due to a high volume of buildings and a lack of greenery. Concrete and asphalt absorbs heat and releases it into the air at night, trapping heat within the densely populated areas. One particular Singaporean district, often dubbed “air conditioner alley,” is a stark example of how numerous independently made, uncoordinated choices can collectively lead to substantial heat increase. Here, hundreds of individual air conditioning units expel hot air from various residences and commercial establishments, all converging onto a narrow street.

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BNN Bloomberg – Geothermal energy battles for its place in the sun

Andrew Bell of BNN Bloomberg’s Commodities interviewed Eavor CEO John Redfern to feature the groundbreaking strides Eavor has made in providing scalable technology. The conversation began with Bell’s statement that geothermal energy is “underfunded and marginalized.” This is despite the US government positing that geothermal energy could meet the world’s energy needs twice over. Redfern explained the nature of this discrepancy, and attributed geothermal’s low financial momentum to it’s previous lack of scalability.

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CO2-free deep geothermal energy in Hanover: enercity and Eavor conclude heat supply agreement

A new milestone for the heat transition has been achieved in Hanover. Today, enercity and Eavor concluded the heat supply contract for the geothermal energy project in Hanover. Up to 30MW of renewable and baseload geothermal power will be available for the Hanover district heating network annually from 2026. Geothermal energy will therefore play a central role in Hanover’s climate-friendly heat supply in the future. Geothermal energy can be used to generate heat regardless of weather influences. The companies will use Eavor-Loop™ technology, which extracts heat by circulating a working fluid in a closed-loop through many kilometers of drilled pipes at a depth of approximately 3,000 metres.

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Vox article highlights optimism about Eavor-Loop™ technology because it eliminates earthquake risk

Vox recently published a comprehensive feature article that provides detailed insights into the vitality and longevity of multiple geothermal technologies, including Eavor. According to the article, some engineers believe closed-loop systems have a major advantage because of its conduction-based technology. The article suggests that conventional systems could result in fluid loss within the granite rockbed during the circulation process, which could potentially induce seismic activity. The article further explains that tensions such as these have constrained the geothermal industry over the last two decades, resulting in a stagnation of federal funding for start-ups and operations in the United States. Consequently, this has led some current critics to be skeptical about geothermal’s readiness to be globally scaled.

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New York Times article cites Eavor as a company that is getting investors excited about geothermal

A New York Times climate journalist Brad Plumer indicated that The United States has “enough geothermal energy to power the entire country,” and Eavor is one of the companies aiming to utilize those resources. The article explains that new excitement in geothermal energy is likely to keep generating interest from high-caliber investors, especially since many technologies (such as magnetic drilling and horizontal drilling) born from the oil and gas sector are pivotal to geothermal energy’s expansion. Geothermal Rising commented that Eavor is helping to break barriers using these tools and achievements, and that these accomplishments are fueling a “geothermal rush.”

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Managing Director Daniel Mölk featured to demonstrate Eavor’s pivotal role in the geothermal sector

To showcase Eavor’s status as a platinum sponsor for the Geothermal Congress in Germany (Der Geothermie Kongress, or DGK), Bundesverband Geothermie interviewed Eavor GmbH Managing Director Daniel Mölk for insights into Eavor’s innovative technology. Mölk explained that it’s Eavor’s mission to distribute its patented technology around the world. In order to prove that it’s a go-anywhere solution, drilling wells in places where conventional geothermal energy has not been successful is key.

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