Clean Air Task Force labels Eavor as a leading developer of superhot rock geothermal energy

A CNBC article reporting the details of superhot rock geothermal potential was published in late October, after a compelling report by the Clean Air Task Force was released. The article, written by CNBC climate innovation and technology reporter Cat Clifford, is full of blue text and statistics, a veritable information hub for readers interested in learning more about geothermal energy, energy policies and initiatives in the United States, and major players in the clean energy field.

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Innovation podcast Says Hi to Eavor, the future of geothermal energy

Say Hi to the Future podcast recently hosted Eavor Technologies Inc engineer Colin Brown to explain how Eavor is the leader of next-generation geothermal energy worldwide. Ken Tencer, CEO of Spyderworks, a marketing and management consultancy company, hosts the video podcast. Tencer started his podcast in early 2021 to shed light on “the human side of human ingenuity: clever, inventive, and original thinking.”

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Co-founder and Vice President of Geosciences at Eavor Jeanine Vany announces Patricia Lee Trailblazer Award win

With a modest post on LinkedIn on November 22, Jeanine Vany, Executive Vice President of Geosciences for Eavor Technologies revealed she was the recipient of the first Patricia J. Lee Trailblazer Award in 2021. The award, inspired by the revered oil and gas geologist Patricia Lee, recognizes individuals or teams who are impacting the energy geosciences sector in undeniable and relevant ways. Created by the Canadian Society for Petroleum Geoscientists, the award pays homage to innovation, long-term vision, and collaboration in the field, demonstrated by the distinction’s namesake.

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Eavor Technologies could alter the trajectory of geothermal energy, experts say

The innovative leader of next-generation energy, Eavor Technologies Inc, has recently made Peter White, CEO of Rethink Technology do exactly that – rethink the role of geothermal in the energy market of tomorrow. In a new article for Rethink Technology Research.com White addresses the unprecedented expansion and scalability of Eavor’s Closed-Loop geothermal drilling technology, as well as their business plan.

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Next-generation energy is right below our feet: a geothermal energy discussion panel

Energy Disruptors uploaded a video discussion panel with the leading developers of next-generation geothermal energy to Youtube on November 1. The discussion took place at the Energy Disruptors: Unite Summit 2022. EDU 2022 took place in Calgary, from September 20 to 22. The discussion panel features Pernilla Wihlborg, CEO of Baseload Power, Ann Robertson-Tait, president of GeothermEx Inc., Srimonto Ghosh, manager of Emerging New Energies Chevron, and John Redfern, CEO of Eavor Technologies Inc.

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Geothermal energy set to rock Europe’s power industry

A recent article by OilPrice.com reports an optimistic future for geothermal energy in Europe in the coming years. Focusing on industries such as oil and gas, geopolitics, and all things alternative energy, OilPrice.com is a global leader in energy news, supplying renowned publications such as TIME Magazine, CNBC, and Business Insider with content and analysis.

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