The Global Impact of Eavor’s Technology Highlighted on a Newly Launched OMV Podcast

Dr. Carsten Reinhold, a geoscientist and feasibility manager at Eavor GmbH, recently shared insights on the benefits of Eavor’s technology as a guest on OMV’s podcast. In this episode that summarizes geothermal’s potential, host and journalist Steve Chaid introduces geothermal as the “very important last link that is connecting an infinite renewable resource with population centers around the world.”

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Eavor-Loop™ technology could be instrumental in propelling Japan toward its target of achieving carbon neutrality

Eavor-Loop™ technology could be instrumental in propelling Japan towards its target of achieving carbon neutrality in a recent dialogue with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and James Heatherington, VP and Representative of Eavor Japan. The decision to enter the Japanese market was fueled by strategic partnerships, notably with Chubu Electric Power Company, a prominent utility player in Japan. Through direct investments and collaborative ventures in Geretsried, Chubu Electric has not only provided financial support but also bolstered Eavor’s credibility within the Japanese energy sector.

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Eavor CEO John Redfern listed among 2024’s top 100 influential people in Canada

Eavor founder and CEO John Redfern was listed within The Power List 2024 curated by Maclean’s Magazine, earning a place among the top 10 influential individuals in Canada championing climate-friendly solutions. Maclean’s described Eavor’s closed-loop technology as the solution that “cracked the code” to globally scaling geothermal, providing sustainable clean energy while simultaneously expanding a once-niche industry.

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Eavor’s projects spotlighted in The Guardian as model technology for the U.S.

The Guardian recently published an article discussing how the U.S. is “cracking the code” on how to scale geothermal energy nationwide, and it showcases Eavor as a model for harnessing near-inexhaustible baseload energy suitable for replacing oil and gas. The article explains that geothermal energy has been historically constrained to specific geographic regions; however, it is now gaining traction as a viable option for providing zero-emissions power. According to Amanda Kolker, geothermal laboratory program manager at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), geothermal presents a promising solution to meet continuous energy demands. Furthermore, it acts as complimentary technology to intermittent energy sources like solar and wind.

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Eavor-Loop™ in Geretsried described as a ‘blueprint’ for a project in Weilheim

German publication Merkur recently published articles highlighting Eavor’s presentation to the Weilheim City Council, located southwest of Munich and directly east of Geretsried, to begin a feasibility study in the surrounding area. Having secured mining permission for geothermal exploration in the region encompassing Ammersee, Starnberger See, and Polling, Eavor showcased its ongoing project in Geretsried to provide a framework for a similar venture near the town of Weilheim in Oberbayern.

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Google, Microsoft, and Nucor announced a new initiative to significantly scale clean and reliable technologies

In a recent press release, Google, Microsoft, and Nucor announced that the companies will collaborate to aggregate demand in the market to scale advanced clean electricity technologies. This effort focuses on leveraging technologies such as advanced nuclear, Next-Generation Geothermal, and long-duration energy storage. These technologies have great potential to deliver firm, dispatchable power, bridging the gaps in renewable energy production and facilitating the decarbonization of the grid, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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