Europe’s energy insecurity and the potential for geothermal

Cranking up the thermostat and switching on the lights is an automatic response for many of us attempting to stave off the chill in the air and prolonged hours of darkness winter brings. But for European businesses and citizens alike, the economic impacts of the current energy situation might make keeping the furnace and lights on a privilege as the change in season approaches.

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Now You Know podcast interviews Eavor Technologies scientists on geothermal tech

As Eavor Technologies grows, so does the need for public education on the science behind the innovative green technology – and there is no shortage of demand for informational videos, articles, and even podcasts. Now you Know podcast hosts Zac and Jesse Cataldo interviewed Eavor Technologies specialists to better inform themselves and their tech-oriented audience about the new developments in geothermal energy.

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Geothermal Resource Development Act: Where is it now?

Alberta-based Eavor Technologies, founded in 2017, entered into a geothermal energy market that had little oversight, despite the provinces’ long-established history as an energy industry powerhouse. Eavor Senior Business Developer Neil Ethier spoke to the Global Energy Show in April 2021 about the lack of regulation the company noticed in the industry, and how the clean tech company has contributed to establishment of Bill 36: Geothermal Resource Development Act.

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Eavor president John Redfern speaks about geothermal development at EGC

The European Geothermal Congress wrapped up the week-long event on October 17th, 2022, after five days of workshops, lectures, and presentations focused on the continent’s potential for and transition to renewable geothermal energy, including a speech from Eavor president John Redfern.
Redfern spoke in the opening session on the congress’s first day, alongside Paolo Bertuzzi, CEO of Turboden, an Italian-based clean-tech company. The pair spoke on their insights regarding European development of geothermal energy.

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BDC announces second round of Canadian clean tech investment, allocates $400-million

The Business Development Bank of Canada announced a second round of investments in Canadian green technology on November 1, bringing its investment total in clean tech to $1-billion.

Combining government funds from green initiatives with institutional investments from around the world, the BDC aims to create lasting relationships with promising companies in order to reach the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goals set by the federal government.

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