Eastern Europe expresses interest in next-generation geothermal trailblazer Eavor Technologies Inc

An article published on Slovakian energy news outlet EnergiePortal.sk explores how next-generation geothermal start-up Eavor has rewritten the rules of earth-based energy. Written by editor Martin Rojko, the piece dives into how Eavor’s innovative approach to geothermal extraction sets itself apart from industry competitors and conventional technologies, and what role closed-loop geothermal can play in Slovakia’s energy transition. EnergiePortal.sk was established in 2010 and serves as a leading provider of energy news for key players in the industry, such as governments and municipalities, investors, and suppliers and consumers of energy services. In conjunction with two other industry outlets focusing on waste and water management, the publications boast a growing monthly readership of 100,000.

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Preeminent energy publication reports historic completion of hottest, deepest directional geothermal well

Leading international renewable energy news outlet ThinkGeoEnergy.com covered the recent announcement made by Eavor Technologies Inc. on the ground-breaking Eavor-DeepTM project. On January 31, Eavor published a press release detailing the completion of the next-generation demonstration project in New Mexico, and it wasn’t long before the news was picked up by ThinkGeoEnergy Editor-in-Chief Carlos Cariaga. Handling everything from research and writing to strategic planning and audience engagement, Cariaga joined the ThinkGeoEnergy team four years ago as a part-time content contributor. Before starting a career in energy journalism, he was a seasoned geochemist in the geothermal after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines.

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German politicians voice support of Eavor-Loop™ in Geretsried following site tour

German news publication Süddeutsche Zeitung covered a recent tour of Eavor’s first commercial-scale closed-loop geothermal plant in Geretsried, Germany. The article, written by local journalist Susanne Hauck, reported the details of Bavaria’s Minister of the Environment Thorsten Glauber and chairman of the Free Voters parliamentary group  Florian Streibl’s visit to the project site in early February. Hauck begins her coverage by painting a morose picture of the area, describing the two previously unsuccessful attempts to harness the subterranean heat and how their failure seemed to dampen any hope of geothermal success.

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Regional study of geothermal potential initiated in western Germany

A new study analyzing the geothermal potential of two German cities is underway as part of a state resolution to advance the renewable heat transition. Dusseldorf and Duisburg, located not far from the western German border, have undergone seismic and gravimetric surveys over the past year, which will contribute to an ongoing analysis being conducted under the inter-municipal project “Geothermie-Rhein.” Prominent green energy news source http://ThinkGeoEnergy.com reported details of the study, which is aimed at finding subsurface aquifers fit for geothermal production underneath the two cities.

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Next-generation geothermal energy hits New Mexico, policy-makers want it to stay

New Mexico is eyeing 24/7 green energy production after a next-generation geothermal project hit major drilling milestones in the state. Eavor Technologies Inc. announced the completion of a revolutionary demonstration project on January 31, called Eavor-Deep™. Touted as the hottest, deepest, directional geothermal well in history, Eavor-Deep reached depths of 18,000 feet and temperatures of around 250℃ – breaking through hard granite deposits and hot-rock geothermal barriers simultaneously. The project was covered by local news outlet the Albuquerque Journal, in which staff writer Kevin Robinson-Avila dubbed the green-tech company a major player in “what could soon become a global renaissance in geothermal development.”

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Next-generation California geothermal pilot projects receive approval

A Sunshine State utility company has approved three bids to develop geothermal projects from major industry leaders. California public power provider Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) announced in late February it would be reviewing bids from Eavor Technologies Inc, Chevron New Energiesm and Cyrq Energy to develop a large geothermal hotspot in the northwest of the state. The cooperation agreements were initially reviewed on February 16, by SCP’s Community Advisory Board, which recommended board approval for the agreements. On March 2, SCP’s board of directors released a staff report stating all three project bids have been approved to execute their proposed geothermal projects.

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