Eavor described as a Canadian venture that’s providing “the world’s most exciting clean tech”

An article published by MaRS recognizes Eavor’s achievement in ranking among the top 12 Canadian companies listed in the Global Cleantech 100 list of 2023. The article attributes the importance of Eavor’s technology to the popularization of geothermal energy, which is a reliable, nearly infinite energy source that’s “always on,” yet accounts for only a small percentage of renewable power.

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Chubu Electric backing to Eavor’s first commercial power plant is stated to “boost limitless green energy from Earth’s core

Chubu Electric’s plan to acquire approximately 40 percent stake in Eavor Technologies was recently signified in an article written by Andrew Lee of Recharge News. Last year, Chubu purchased a stake of approximately 20 percent in the company, aligning itself with prominent investors such as BP and Chevron, in support of Eavor’s pioneering efforts. Chubu’s additional investment is a significant milestone in Eavor’s ambitions to produce approximately 8MW of electric power and district heating transfer rate of 64MW in the region. In a recent press release from Chubu Electric, Hiroki Sato, division CEO of global business at Chubu, said: “This is a significant milestone not only for Chubu but also the journey of climate  neutrality towards our global target on this planet. I am convinced that the Eavor-Loop™ Technology would be a true game-changer for the enhancement of renewable energy, and Chubu is very excited to be working with Eavor through the world‘s first Eavor-Loop™ commercial project at Geretsried in Germany.”

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News and social media coverage of the inauguration of Eavor’s first commercial power plant is platforming Eavor’s “groundbreaking” technology

Multiple media platforms and esteemed experts have been covering the inauguration of Eavor’s first commercial Eavor-Loop™, which amplified the technology’s game-changing method of producing clean energy. In a video news report from münchen.tv, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, and President of Eavor GmbH Daniel Mölk were featured being interviewed by local media and making speeches at the event. Additionally, DW Español published a news report that featured the inauguration, titled: “Could geothermal energy solve Germany’s energy crisis?”

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A combined geothermal and solar energy project is to amp up production for a major transportation hub in Spain’s capital.

The Geobatt Project’s hybrid renewable energy storage system, which is a combination of geothermal technology and solar panels, has been supplying the Moncloa Transit Hub for approximately six months now, and aims to increase that supply to 33 percent. The multi-level station is a major point of transit for buses and metro lines in Madrid’s city center. It experiences a substantial amount of visitor and transit traffic throughout the day, and the heat from that immense activity creates a high demand for air conditioning.

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Eavor’s Yuta Kano and James Heatherington presented Eavor-Loop™ technology as an industry game-changer

In Plug and Play’s most recent collaborative event about innovative technologies, Yuta Kano and James Heatherington had the opportunity to present Eavor’s technology as an “unconventional geothermal revolution” during the platform’s Climate Tech Innovation showcase. “I believe that Eavor is the true game-changer for the future of energy,” said Mr. Kano during the presentation. Mr. Kano is the general manager at the Clean Energy Solution Unit at Chubu Electric power, which is a part of the company’s global business division. He is also a board member of Eavor Technologies and the Managing Director of the Geretsried project.

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Praises Eavor’s Technology

In his speech during the inauguration of Eavor’s first commercial project at Geretsried, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz made a speech praising Eavor’s technology, and platformed it as an asset that will help Germany to achieve its goal of becoming one of the first climate-neutral industrialized countries in the world by 2045. “It is a technical masterpiece that you have undertaken here in Geretsried with this project,” said Scholz. “If this attempt succeeds, it would not only be a great piece of engineering, but an even greater step forward for our heat transition.” Moreover, the Chancellor attributed this as a benefit because it means having geothermal energy independent of heated water, which is a resource that is challenging to find and access.

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