Paradox Access – Alberta’s Energy Sector & Geothermal Energy

“As Alberta continues to seek out innovative clean energy alternatives, geothermal energy is quickly making a name for itself as an integral component of the future of Alberta’s energy sector.”

Eavor was recently featured in a great article about Alberta’s innovative clean energy alternatives.

“The Future of Geothermal Energy”

“The advances in geothermal energy are most evident by looking at companies such as: Eavor and FutEra. Eavor, a Calgary-based company has created a closed loop geothermal system which does not use a fracking process (blasting with a high pressure water solution) or require resources from below the surface, and poses no earthquake risk. The closed loop geothermal system, otherwise referred to as the Eavor Loop acts similar to a radiator and has begun to receive backing from some major players in the oil and gas industry such as: British Petroleum (BP) and Chevron.”

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