University of Texas – GRC 2021

To allow drilling and exploitation of deep CLGS wells, an integrated managed pressure operation (MPO) concept is presented.

The role of firm low carbon electricity resources in deep decarbonization of power generation

Full decarbonization of the electricity sector is critical to global climate mitigation.
Across a wide range of sensitivities, firm low-carbon resources—including nuclear
power, bioenergy, and natural gas plants that capture CO2—consistently lower the
cost of decarbonizing electricity generation.

Multilateral closed-loop geothermal systems as a ZELFR

The Eavor-Loop™, a multilateral closed-loop geothermal system (MCLGS), is introduced as a zero-emission load-following resource (ZELFR) that is globally scalable and can provide baseload or dispatchable electricity.

Globally scalable geothermal energy production through deep CL systems

Globally scalable geothermal energy production through managed pressure
operation control of deep closed-loop well systems.

Eavor-Lite Performance Update and Extrapolation to Commercial Projects

Eavor-Lite™ is a full-scale demonstration project of a multilateral closed-loop geothermal system.
An update is presented based on ~16 months of operations and testing. The project is located near
Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada and consists of two 1.7 km long multilateral horizontal wellbores
connecting two 2.4 km deep vertical wellbores to create a U-tube shaped closed-loop geothermal

Constructing deep closed-loop geothermal wells for globally scalable energy production (EVO)

Constructing Deep Closed-Loop Geothermal Wells for Globally ScalableEnergy Production by Leveraging Oil and Gas ERD and HPHT WellConstruction Expertise

California needs clean firm power, and so does the rest of the world

Three detailed models of the future of California’s power system all show that California needs carbon-free electricity sources that don’t depend on the weather.

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