Next-generation energy is right below our feet: a geothermal energy discussion panel

Energy Disruptors uploaded a video discussion panel with the leading developers of next-generation geothermal energy to Youtube on November 1. The discussion took place at the Energy Disruptors: Unite Summit 2022.

EDU 2022 took place in Calgary, from September 20 to 22. The discussion panel features Pernilla Wihlborg, CEO of Baseload Power, Ann Robertson-Tait, president of GeothermEx Inc., Srimonto Ghosh, manager of Emerging New Energies Chevron, and John Redfern, CEO of Eavor Technologies Inc.

Hosted by Holly Ransom, the panel analyzed the misconceptions around geothermal energy, the challenges of acquiring investments and capital, and why geothermal is the answer for intermittency issues, climate concerns, and unstable geopolitical landscapes.

John Redfern, of Eavor Technologies, highlighted the importance of partnerships within the energy industry, alongside Srimonto Ghosh of Chevron. Eavor announced investments from Chevron and BP in February of 2021, and both Redfern and Ghosh advocate for the importance of strong relationships between traditional oil and gas and geothermal innovators.

To watch the full discussion, see below

With over 700 subscribers, the channel is home to a large number of educational videos and podcasts to help laymen and experts alike expand their knowledge of the energy sector and the ever-important energy “transformation,” dubbed so by Ann Roberston-Tait.

The EDU conference is a staple for large players in the energy industry such as British entrepreneur Richard Branson and renowned journalist Malcolm Gladwell. The Unite Sumit debuted in 2017, and has received multiple awards for best conference in both 2019 and 2020.

Their mission, as stated on their website, is to bring together frontrunners and innovators of the energy industry to facilitate the scalability and accessibility in order to tackle global BHP – Big Hairy Problems.

Run by a team of four visionary entrepreneurs, the Energy Disruptors and the Unite Sumit are focused on trailblazers in the industry, and aim to “Scaleblaze” the energy market. The Energy Disruptors work with other entrepreneurs and established organizations to fast-track positive impact, powered by “creativity, productivity, innovation.”

To learn more about Energy Disruptors and the annual EDU conferences, visit https://www.energydisruptors.com/edu2022

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