Eavor Technologies has partnered with Women In Geothermal (WING) as their new sponsor

Eavor Technologies has partnered with Women In Geothermal (WING) as their new sponsor. There has never been a more important or relevant time for an organization like WING to exist.

WING has an ambitious and targeted agenda for promoting women in the geothermal community, and it’s already making a difference in many countries. This is why WING is launching a Sponsorship Campaign to amplify their message and build momentum. 

Founded in 2013, WING has now grown to be represented in 48 countries worldwide with 34 dedicated country teams in operation. The sponsorship program will ensure that WING country teams and ambassadors will be supplied with training materials and content for their suggested event and activities worldwide. 

Sponsors and volunteers play a crucial role in supporting their operations and initiatives, enabling WING to maintain visibility across the geothermal world and deliver targeted events that benefit women and men in the geothermal community.

Their goal is to grow the Future Leaders training program, expand the network of WING Ambassadors and Country Teams, maintain a dialogue across the energy sector, collect and share statistics, and hold professional and social events at industry conferences.    

The sponsorship program will implement and develop new initiatives to advance women in the geothermal energy sector. This will include annual WING global strategic planning workshops that will help develop and re-align program priorities and strategies for the coming year, as well as student sponsorship programs where the registration fees to geothermal conferences will be covered. 

With your support, WING is igniting the passion and courage that will make the geothermal community a global model for equality.

For more information and to find out how you can become a sponsor please visit this link. 

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