Eavor Technologies could alter the trajectory of geothermal energy, experts say

The innovative leader of next-generation energy, Eavor Technologies Inc, has recently made Peter White, CEO of Rethink Technology do exactly that – rethink the role of geothermal in the energy market of tomorrow. In a new article for Rethink Technology Research.com White addresses the unprecedented expansion and scalability of Eavor’s Closed-Loop geothermal drilling technology, as well as their business plan.

Next-generation energy is right below our feet: a geothermal energy discussion panel

Energy Disruptors uploaded a video discussion panel with the leading developers of next-generation geothermal energy to Youtube on November 1. The discussion took place at the Energy Disruptors: Unite Summit 2022. EDU 2022 took place in Calgary, from September 20 to 22. The discussion panel features Pernilla Wihlborg, CEO of Baseload Power, Ann Robertson-Tait, president of GeothermEx Inc., Srimonto Ghosh, manager of Emerging New Energies Chevron, and John Redfern, CEO of Eavor Technologies Inc.

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