Eavor Congratulates The 2020 Winners of the Women in Geothermal Core Value Awards!

Eavor would like to congratulate the 2020 winners of the Women in Geothermal (WING) Core Value Awards!

The WING Core Values Awards were created to recognize and honour four members each year for exceedingly representing WING’s four core values: Courage, Caring, Openness and Empowerment. We at Eavor would like to offer our sincere congratulations to Jamie Beard (Courageous), Diana Adhiambo Macodawa (Empowering), Nyambura Njuguna (Open), and Málfríður Ómarsdóttir (Caring). We would also like to recognize WING for their continued efforts towards expanding and inspiring the geothermal community. 

WING was established in 2013 as a volunteer, non-profit organization to promote the education, professional development and advancement of women in the geothermal community. With members in more than 48 countries, WING encourages and inspires members to pursue influential, key leadership positions within the traditionally male-dominated geothermal industry.  

Earlier this year, Eavor’s own Executive Vice President Jeanine Vany became a Canadian Ambassador for WING, working to promote inclusivity and advancement in one of the world’s most exciting renewable energy arenas. Jeanine is an APEGA registered professional with more than 15 years in the oil and gas industry. Her extensive experience includes reservoir characterization, drilling and operations, full-field delineation strategies, asset management and acquisition. She has and continues to be an integral part of the Eavor Technologies team as we strive towards our goal of changing the world. 

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