Response: CBC Radio’s What on Earth with Laura Lynch

On November 29, 2020 CBC Radio’s What on Earth with Laura Lynch discussed Canada’s geothermal potential on the episode Mining for Heat: Can Geothermal be a Part of Canada’s Energy Future? Featuring a number of Canadian developers and industry experts, Lynch explores the position of geothermal in the future of the Canadian clean energy transition. 

In conversation with Lynch, Geological Survey of Canada research scientist and President of Geothermal Canada, Stephen Grasby establishes geothermal energy’s great potential within Canada and across the globe. “The heat we are looking for in geothermal is produced by natural radioactive decay of elements in the Earth’s crust,” says Grasby. “There is more than enough to last for billions of years. The sun will probably explode before we run out of heat from geothermal energy.”

At Eavor, we know geothermal will play a key role in the future of clean energy in Canada and around the world in both the short and long term, and we are proud to be a part of ongoing developments in Alberta and beyond. Realizing and harnessing geothermal’s tremendous potential will be paramount as we move towards renewable energy solutions. 

According to Think GeoEnergy, “With developments in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and ambitions for the Yukon, there clearly is a certain momentum. With its long experience and know-how in the oil sector, Canada and particularly the western provinces are well-positioned to develop geothermal, be it for power generation or heating.” 

These relevant industry overlaps between the oil and gas and geothermal sectors, particularly in terms of an extensive skilled workforce, position Alberta as a strong industry leader in the continued research and development of geothermal technology. Geothermal solutions like Eavor’s will play an increasingly important role as we pursue clean energy alternatives and strive to replenish our natural environment. Eavor is excited to be building the future of energy in Canada and beyond. 

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