EuroNews – FIRE & ICE: Geothermal Energy’s World-Saving Potential

Eavor and John Redfern we’re delighted to be a part of the EuroNews article entitled – FIRE & ICE: Geothermal Energy’s World-Saving Potential

“Revolutionary advances in Canada could bring geothermal energy back with a bang. A new method is promising environmentally-safe, cost-effective power that doesn’t impact scenery, or contend with intermittent sunlight or wind.”

“It’s a solution that Eavor Technologies CEO John Redfern believes can resonate with many First Nations.

“If you’re a First Nation, what is your most cherished, cherished resource?” he asks. “It’s your land. Now, do you want [to cover] your land with a bunch of windmills and solar panels? Or do you want to keep the Yukon looking the way it has for millennia?” With their solution, he says, you don’t see any difference.”

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