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Town of Edson in Support of New Geothermal Innovation Hub

Geothermal innovation stands to be one of the most promising solutions to providing clean baseload energy around the world. As many industry advocates would agree, the ability to showcase new technologies and create space for continuous innovation is key to advancing a global transition away from the use of fossil fuels.

As noted in an article by the Daily Oil Bulletin, Eavor is accelerating its efforts to create a new hub of innovation, focused on showcasing Albertan drilling technology to a global audience. The Eavor team is working to create the Canadian Centre for Geothermal Drilling and Technology Excellence as part of this endeavour.

As stated by Chief Business Development Officer for Eavor, Paul Cairns, “Alberta drilling technology is some of the best in the world. Come and use the best-in-the-world technologies along with your innovative new idea, test it and improve it.”

The Town of Edson: Letter of Support
In pursuit of this new innovation hub, the Eavor team identified areas throughout Alberta that would offer appropriate land for drilling pad installations, accessible to visitors from around the world, and would have support from the town council to develop the facility in their region.

Eavor’s pursuit lead them to the Town of Edson, wherein there are multiple abandoned wells that could be utilized for the new innovation hub while offering appropriate accessibility. A request for a decision was made to the town council, presented by Clayton Kittlitz, General Manager of Infrastructure and Planning, for a letter of support approved by the town council in pursuit of the project.

During the town council meeting on April 5th, the town council of Edson brought Eavor’s request for a decision regarding the letter of support to the table.

Edson town counsellors in attendance:

  • Kevin Zahara (Mayor of Edson)
  • Krystal Baier (Councillor)
  • Trevor Bevan (Councillor)
  • Gean Chouinard (Councillor)
  • Ed Moore (Councillor)
  • Greg Pasychny (Councillor)
  • Peter Taylor (Councillor)

As mentioned by Councillor Baier in her support of the project, “the amount of spinoff industry you could get from this is astronomical, it would be another way to diversify our economy when we have so many people that understand how this(technology) works”.

Discussed during the meeting, Kittlitz reemphasized that there is no financial request of the town from Eavor in pursuit of the project. Eavor’s request was focused on advocacy and support of the project’s objectives aimed at securing federal funding.

Mayor Zahara noted Eavor’s recent award for leadership in innovation and technology, and made reference to the Eavor-Loop™, “they have unique technology that they use, which they call the Eavor-Loop, it’s not your traditional drilling type of technology”.

The motion to grant the letter of support from the Town of Edson was supported by all council members present. The Eavor team is committed to making Alberta a global hub of innovation in advancing geothermal and drilling technology.

The support from the Town of Edson is a step in the right direction for the Canadian Centre for Geothermal Drilling and Technology Excellence. Eavor extends its gratitude to all council members and to Kittlitz for presenting to the council on April 5th, 2022.

As mentioned by Cairns in the recent Daily Oil Bulletin article, “Alberta has technology and locations that people from around the world can come and utilize to improve on their technologies, to then go out into the world and produce better, greater and more geothermal projects.”

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