Nevada is making space for dispatchable green energy amidst energy instability in the southern American states

Online energy publication Renewable Energy World recently reported on the announcement of a comprehensive green-tech project in Nevada designed to increase the state’s energy security and facilitate a transition to renewables.

NV energy, a public utility provider in Nevada has awarded swiss-based Energy Vault Holdings a contract to provide a battery energy storage system, also known as BESS. The project is estimated to be up and running by winter 2023.

The battery system will be located at an existing power-generating facility driven by coal. The generating station is set for retirement in 2025 as part of the global shift towards greenhouse gas emission reductions and climate-friendly energy production.

With an estimated lifespan of up to 20 years, the battery system will have a storage capacity of 440MWh and is designed to charge and dispatch green energy to the grid during peak hours to meet the state’s energy demands.

The project is one component of a plan put forward by NV energy to combat energy insecurity felt in southern American states in recent years, and introduce infrastructure with the ability to run on renewable and low-carbon energy like geothermal and hydrogen.

Read the full article from Renewable Energy World by clicking here.

Nevada’s plan for increasing energy security involves Canadian green-tech start-up Eavor Technologies, an innovative solution to natural gas reliance and traditional geothermal methods. Eavor has been granted the construction and deployment of a 20MW geothermal extraction system as part of the state’s comprehensive strategy.

The project signals Eavor’s first power purchase agreement, proof of the company’s rapid growth in international energy markets since its establishment in 2017. Other recent project announcements include the world’s first Eavor-Loop™ commercial project in Bavaria, Germany, and an investment from European geothermal investment firm Deep Energy Capital to fund at least 5 Eavor facilities around the globe.

Intentionally designed to bypass the constraints of traditional geothermal techniques, the Eavor-Loop™ is reminiscent of a radiator, pulling heat directly from subterranean rock through conduction, rather than extracting heated water from underground fractures and reservoirs. The cutting-edge design makes Eavor the first and only purveyor of truly scalable geothermal energy, with the goal of creating green energy systems to power our earth ForEavor.

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