holy grail of geothermal

Climate & Capital Media – Tapping The Holy Grail of Geothermal Power

Climate & Capital Media recently featured an article on Eavor “tapping the holy grail of geothermal power.” The article addresses how relying on hydro and nuclear power can be less than ideal due to the changing climate. While hydro and nuclear power have provided an alternative energy source to move away from fossil fuels, relying on them can be problematic due to issues such as extreme drought and rising costs.

Eavor’s technology is featured as an alternative source of clean energy, as it produces energy from the Earth’s core, referred to as “an organic fission reactor, already generating unlimited amounts of energy.”

The article attributes Eavor’s technology as striking “the potential goldmine of geothermal energy.” The Eavor-Loop™ acts “much like a battery system,” and its design makes it “compatible with the intermittent nature of other renewables unlike traditional geothermal and nuclear plants, which do not have such flexibility.”

The article states: “Scaling up Eavor Technologies will require expertise from an unexpected ally: Fossil fuel workers. Ethier explains that approximately 95% of the company’s staff –– him included –– are former oil and gas engineers who have found a second career pioneering geothermal energy. Eavor not only provides good quality jobs to former fossil fuel workers, but its acceleration is dependent on the “know-how” unique to oil and gas engineers.”

Neil Ethier, Eavor’s Director of Business Development – Americas, says “The extensive network of people at Eavor who have oil and gas engineering experience is a large part of our energy diversification story. We want to continue that narrative and champion the geothermal space.

It is also suggested that Eavor’s system could fill the need of today’s energy trilemma: “Balancing the need for clean energy, energy independence and resilience in a climate-changed world.”

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