Eavor at the World Economic Forum 2024

CEO John Redfern and Executive VP Origination Robert Winsloe attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2024 in Davos, where they were invited to participate at the first ever geothermal roundtable.

Alongside the roundtable, Redfern and Winsloe engaged with an array of influential entities such as Bloomberg, bp, INSEAD, and were invited to attend the Sustainable Development Goals forum. These discussions help Eavor to foster insightful exchanges with key stakeholders and share Eavor’s perspective with prominent organizations.

Robert Winsloe, Mark Carney, and John Redfern pose for a photo at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January, 2024.

Winsloe described the exclusive event as a bustling gathering with a morning queue that stretched several kilometres down the Swiss mountainsides. Many arrived by car, some by train, and a particular few, such as CEO of the International Geothermal Association Marit Brommer, skied down to the conference from the mountaintop.

As many high-profile world leaders were in attendance, extensive security was paramount to facilitate a space where peaceful communication could be conducted. Winsloe described this space as the innermost layer reserved for presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers, whereas outer layers consisted of CEOs, major corporations, government officials, consultants, business people, and more.

The primary purpose of the WEF is to address the world’s most significant challenges on an annual basis. It convenes global leaders from politics, business, academia, and civil society to a central platform where various dialogues can take place.

According to the WEF, achieving equitable climate and nature transition by 2050 will require investments of at least USD 4 trillion per year. This tremendous expense, according to New York Times reporter David Gelles, will require extensive international cooperation and drastic shifts in energy production.

“Slowing down global warming would require truly radical system shifts, from how food is grown, to how energy is created, to how goods are sold and transported, and how cities are built,” said Gelles at the Climate and Nature panel.

A photo of the road leading to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January, 2024.

Eavor remains dedicated to being a leader in this energy revolution. Looking ahead, Winsloe stated that Eavor will return to Davos in 2025, where the company will continue a proactive approach to discussing and promoting clean energy goals.

As many countries aim to decarbonize by 2050, Eavor’s scalable closed-loop systems can act as a reliable alternative to fossil fuels, supplying clean energy to communities, municipalities, large-scale industrial facilities, and more. Eavor-Loop™ technology aligns with the ambition of many nations to create a more sustainable future that runs on cleaner power grids.

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