Rigzone – Natural Gas Liquids Drive Geothermal Tech

Eavor’s Senior Development Engineer, Chris Cheng recently sat down with Matthew V. Veazey of Rigzone.com to talk about geothermal and how Eavor generates electricity with its Closed-Loop system.

“Commonly associated with water via hot springs, geysers, or plumes of steam, geothermal energy relies on underground heat. A Canada-based firm has developed geothermal technology that removes water from the equation, potentially expanding where the renewable resource can be tapped.”

“Geothermal, derived from its Greek roots, means ‘earth’ and ‘hot’ and quite literally means that we bring heat up from the ground,” Chris Cheng, senior development engineer with Eavor, told Rigzone. “This heat can then be used directly or converted to electricity with a power generation unit.”

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