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Integra Data & Analytic Solutions Corp. Acquired by NowVertical Group Inc.

Alberta-based data analytics company Integra Data & Analytic Solutions Corp. has been acquired by global big data analytics software and service provider NowVertical. Integra has supported the advancement of several technologies in the energy and renewables sector, including Eavor.

As part of this acquisition, NowVertical will integrate Integra’s proprietary technology, Digital Hub, into the NOW data analytics platform. Integra’s technology solution, Digital Hub, is a cloud-native platform that enables the self-serve development of enterprise data science solutions on demand. The platform integrates the latest data science and business intelligence innovations in a secure, scalable, and cost-effective offering for individuals and enterprises. The early release of this technology has seen exceptional enterprise adoption with users representing over 120 enterprises globally.

The future of the cleantech sector is heavily reliant on the manipulation of large volumes of disparate structured, unstructured, and multi-structured datasets. Companies like NowVertical continue to create new opportunities for advanced systems such as Eavor’s closed-loop geothermal technology, resulting in the future growth of the sector, ultimately supporting the end goal of carbon-free energy.

While NowVertical’s big data analytics platform supports a variety of industries other than energy and renewables, Integra’s founder Babak Shafiei-Sarvestani shares his thoughts on the company’s mission and the acquisition by NowVertical. “Integra’s mission is to remove the technical barriers to the adoption of AI/ML solutions in the Oil and Gas industry. With NOW’s support and backing, our use cases and client base will grow rapidly, capturing the momentum our team started with the release of our Digital Hub product.”

Babak Shafiei-Sarvestani brings deep experience and knowledge of the energy and renewables industries to the Company’s growing suite of verticals. Babak will become NowVertical’s EVP, Energy & Renewables.

Continue reading the press release, “NowVertical Group Acquires Integra Data & Analytic Solutions Corp.” on the NewVertical website.

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