Integra Data & Analytic Solutions Corp. Acquired by NowVertical Group Inc.

Alberta-based data analytics company Integra Data & Analytic Solutions Corp. has been acquired by global big data analytics software and service provider NowVertical. Integra has supported the advancement of several technologies in the energy and renewables sector, including Eavor.

Jose Luis Caceres, MSc. – Eavor’s ‘closed-loop’​ technology: Could this approach reach the ‘holy-grail’​ status for clean energy?

Jose Luis Caceres, the CEO of SustainablEarth Power, published an article regarding Eavor Technologies Inc.’s Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) and the potential to reach the ‘holy-grail’ status for clean energy.

Alberta’s Oil & Gas industry; a pivotal platform for the emergence of Geothermal Energy

Alberta’s Oil and Gas industry has been a primary driver of the Canadian economy for some time. Since the downturn in oil prices and the loss of jobs throughout the industry, there has been an uptake of interest in renewable, clean energy.

Where Does Clean Energy Really Come From?

In 2015 the United Nations mapped out 17 Sustainable Development Goals that “provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.”

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