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Can this Temasek-backed geothermal startup power Singapore?

Tech in Asia recently released a newsletter highlighting Eavor Technologies’ clean energy endeavours and the remarkability of the Eavor Loop system.

The newsletter detailed the importance of clean energy in relation to the panel put out by the United Nations regarding climate change and Eavor’s contribution to providing clean energy on a global scale.

Constructing a closed-loop system had long been considered to be prohibitively inefficient and expensive by industry experts. One expert had even contested that such systems would “inevitably fail.” […] To prove the naysayers wrong, Eavor spent US$8 million in August 2019 to build a minimum viable product, and it turned out to be a success.” -Betty Chum, TechInAsia

The piece offers an overall understanding of the Eavor Loop and its relevance to the issue of climate change. It additionally shows that clean energy does not only relate to solar panels and wind turbines but to a new innovative solution.

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