The Energy Evolution: Alberta’s Opportunity in Geothermal

“Even though it has been around for more than 100 years, geothermal energy has not been able to breakthrough its niche and become a significant part of the conversation around energy and our energy future.

Until recently.

With recent advances in new technologies and innovations and commitments to developing low-carbon sources of energy, geothermal is coming back into the picture hot.

And it’s hot because, well, it is the energy derived from the heat contained below the earth’s crust. And the new technologies have been developed to help extract this heat from the earth’s core and turn it into something we can use to power our homes and cities.

If you want a quick primer on geothermal, its hotspots, and how it’s used, check out this article.

On this episode, host Scott Crockatt explores the renaissance of geothermal with John Redfern, President and CEO of Eavor Technologies, an Alberta based geothermal company.

You’ll hear a little bit about the historical slow growth of the industry to date, why there is renewed support of this energy source, and how new technologies, like Eavor’s Eavor-Loop, are making huge advances in scaling and economically providing a new energy source to our energy mix and driving down emissions.”

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