A combined geothermal and solar energy project is to amp up production for a major transportation hub in Spain’s capital.

The Geobatt Project’s hybrid renewable energy storage system, which is a combination of geothermal technology and solar panels, has been supplying the Moncloa Transit Hub for approximately six months now, and aims to increase that supply to 33 percent. 

The multi-level station is a major point of transit for buses and metro lines in Madrid’s city center. It experiences a substantial amount of visitor and transit traffic throughout the day, and the heat from that immense activity creates a high demand for air conditioning.

Cooling is supplied by harnessing the hub’s asphalt exterior and ground’s thermal properties. When coupled with heat pump technology, it offers an exceptionally efficient method of powering air conditioning systems. It currently provides 1.2 MW of power, which is approximately 400 kW generated from each chiller.

With considerable assistance from the Consorcio Regional de Transportes of the Madrid regional government, Sacyr has stated that this is the first location to use a hybrid system between geothermal redox flow batteries and photovoltaic solar panels. Furthermore, it can be scaled to fit other facilities and infrastructure in metropolitan areas.

In light of climate change, it’s anticipated that there will be an increase in demand for cooling in commercial and public buildings. Having geothermal and Geoenergy as a baseload source for this cooling can prove vital in not only our transition to renewable energy, but it can also assist in our adaptation to increased global temperatures. Eavor-Loop™ technology is perfectly equipped to handle these challenges.

By tapping into the Earth’s stable thermal properties, the Eavor-Loop™ offers a consistent and reliable source of cooling energy that has a minimal surface footprint. This adaptability and scalability make it well-suited for catering to diverse cooling needs for many metropolitan areas, which could greatly assist in the effort to decarbonize cities across the globe.

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