Innovate Alberta showcases Eavor’s technology as “the solution the world has been waiting for

Eavor has been featured in INNOVATE™ Alberta, with Eavor-Loop™ being showcased as ground-breaking technology that is set to revolutionize the clean energy industry.

The piece articulates that geothermal energy is at “a moment of reckoning,” and that Eavor is at the forefront of this transition because it harnesses energy from the largest clean energy resource we have: the Earth itself. In other words, Eavor extracts heat directly from hot rock, which is heated continuously by the Earth’s core.

The Eavor-Loop™, conceived by co-founder Paul Cairns and helmed by CEO John Redfern, overcomes traditional geothermal constraints through its innovative closed-loop system. As indicated by Eavor Chief Technology Officer Matt Toews, such a configuration would “not only eliminate the parasitic pump load but would, in fact, pump itself due to the thermosiphon effect.”

“And that got us excited. This is something where we can actually make a difference… This is the Holy Grail of power,” said Redfern.

Rocky Mountain House, Alta., is the site where Eavor’s first demonstration of their Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) technology took place. Using expert drilling techniques from the oil and gas industry, Eavor proved that harvesting heat from deep rock via conduction was not only possible, but a game-changer.

“The collection of the heat from the surface is highly predictable with subsurface data and thermodynamic modelling,” said Eavor Executive Vice President Jeanine Vany.

“With the control of the flow rate in the Loops, we can control the heat offtake from the subsurface. So, operating the loops within our design parameters gives the Loops a lifetime of 100 years. We did prove this in our Eavor-Lite™ demonstration project that is running since 2019, where the output matches the original thermodynamic model.”

A single Eavor-Loop™ system has the capacity to generate electricity on an industrial scale, providing sufficient heat that can power tens of thousands of residential homes. This makes the Eavor-Loop™ an optimal solution for providing reliable baseload energy when other clean energy sources are not readily available.

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