Geothermal energy will soon provide direct heating to Salisbury District Hospital in the UK

GT Energy, a UK-based geothermal heat developer, has been selected by the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, in collaboration with the Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF), to provide direct heating for the Salisbury District Hospital NHS Trust in Wiltshire, England.

According to ThinkGeo, the main objective of this project is to meet the hospital’s complete heat requirements (which currently exceed 20GWhth per year) through a long-term energy supply agreement. Additionally, while the project aims to seek funding from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) in the future, its progress is not dependent on receiving a grant from the PSDS.

GT Energy will undertake the responsibility of de-risking and developing the geothermal project, such as initial geological feasibility studies to obtain necessary consents and overseeing the construction of wells and the energy centre. It’s anticipated that heat supply will begin as early as 2026, which is subject to regular planning processes, regulatory permits, and procurement cycles. Upon completion, GT Energy is expected to assume ownership and operation of the facility.

According to Durham University, there is enough geothermal energy in the UK to meet the country’s heating demand for at least a century. GT Energy aims to harness this energy by extracting heat from underground reservoirs using a pair of wells that drill up to 5km into the earth. Heated water is pumped up through one well, then transferred to the surface system through a heat exchanger. The leftover brine is then returned to the reservoir through the second well.

While GT Energy’s method is already showcasing the UK’s geothermal potential, Eavor’s brand of geothermal could offer additional advantages. Eavor’s technology involves drilling a series of interconnected, horizontal wells into the earth, forming a closed-loop network that allows for the extraction of heat from hot rock. This system could be established almost anywhere in the world, and its scalability makes it a great asset for any country that is looking to create local energy autonomy for its institutions.

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