Virtual Reality Tour Announced By Cutting Edge Canadian Energy Tech Company

September 15, 2020 – Calgary, Alberta – Due to the travel restrictions of the current global pandemic, Eavor Technologies, addresses increasing client demand for tours of its facilities through a scalable, innovative, technologically clever solution. Utilizing virtual reality, Eavor can now showcase their demonstration project (Eavor-Lite™) located near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta to any potential client from anywhere in the world.

Eavor Technologies Inc. is a closed loop geothermal technology company based in Calgary, Alberta. They’re currently in the process of expanding their Eavor-Loop™ technology to produce clean, scalable, baseload power around the globe. The patented Eavor-Loop™ provides a zero-emission, clean energy alternative, free of the shortcomings experienced by existing renewables and traditional geothermal solutions today. By relying on conduction rather than a geothermal aquifer, an Eavor-Loop™ can supply reliable, baseload energy from almost anywhere in the world.

Guided by your friendly tour guide Jen, alongside Eavor’s Lead Engineer, Bailey Schwarz, and Chief Technology Officer Matt Toews, the experience can last minutes or hours, allowing participants to gain an increased understanding of Eavor and their game-changing technology. 

“The cost savings are incredibly attractive in a scenario where we generally have multiple staff tied up conducting tours, the travel, and everything related with flights, hotels,” begins Paul Cairns, Eavor’s Chief Business Development Officer and Director, “this virtual tour is like Eavor itself, clean and scalable.”

According to Business on Camera, Eavor’s Agency of Record, and Dekogon Studios, leader in the gaming industry, “During the simulation, the user will experience a virtual transformation, being encapsulated into Eavor’s facilities with the ability to explore the artificial world.” Using the latest in virtual reality technology, the Oculus Quest, consumers will journey through an immersive 3D reconstruction of the Eavor-Lite™demonstration project where they can move around while interacting with specified objects to learn more.”

Virtual Reality has been identified as a massive growth industry expected to reach USD 34.08 billion by 2023. 

You can view the Eavor-Lite™ Virtual Tour online or contact Eavor to see if you qualify for an Oculus Quest package.

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