Live From The Young Women In Energy Awards

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We’re proud to introduce you to our ‘Young Woman in Energy’ Award Winner: Jeanine Vany. Jeanine is an APEGA registered professional geologist with a career spanning over 15 years in the oil and gas industry. Click to read her full bio.

This episode was recorded on December 11th at the Young Women in Energy (YWE) Awards in Calgary. The podcast began by discussing why recognition and the sense of community for women in energy is important. Next, some of the pressing issues in energy and the type of leadership and diversity that is required to navigate these challenges. Katie Smith, the Executive Director of YWE joined in to ask questions submitted by the award winners.

Congratulations to this years accomplished award winners! For more information on YWE and to learn more about the women recognized this year, check out the YWE website.

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