Heat Beat | The Scoop on Closed-Loop: A Chat with John Redfern, CEO of Eavor

Interview by Jamie C. Beard.

“Closed-loop geothermal systems are gaining traction as a ubiquitous, globally scalable method for producing geothermal energy. The concept of closed-loop is broad and encompasses several different methodologies, including “pipe in pipe” configurations pursued by Greenfire Energy, deep extreme temperature and even supercritical loops of the type pursued by GEO members at UT Austin, and Eavor-Loops, as the company calls them, drilled by Eavor Technologies (Eavor), explored here today. No matter the methodology, the broad concepts are the same: “radiator” style wells are drilled, fluid is circulated through those wells, and electricity is produced with the resulting output. Notably, closed-loop systems do not utilize hydraulic fracturing to create subsurface reservoirs, and thus avoid many of the regulatory and public relations hurdles that EGS and other geothermal concepts face. Closed-loop systems are also not expected to present the risk of seismicity, a topic that has landed EGS in the news. 

To explore the closed-loop system being pursued by Eavor, I talked with John Redfern, President and CEO. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. “

Read the full interview here.

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