Indonesia is opening doors for low-risk geothermal project bids

Indonesia is seeking investors and developers to take advantage of the estimated 23.7GW of geothermal energy potential across 300+ sites spanning the country.

EnergyVoice.com, an international media outlet for all things energy, reported in early December that a verified hotspot for geothermal energy on the eastern end of the island chain will soon be open for development bids, with more areas to follow.

The announcement from the Indonesian government comes after the country closed a record-setting $20 billion dollar deal with the U.S and Japan aimed at phasing out coal and transitioning to green energy sources.

In addition to the large influx of foreign cash, the article cites national targets of reaching 7GW of geothermal energy by 2030 and doubling renewable-sourced electricity consumption from the current 12% to 23% in the next two years.

Such ambitious targets have spurred the Indonesian government to fund the exploration of hundreds of potential geothermal extraction sites in order to cut risks faced by investors and developers.

The major oil and gas producer Chevron, which partnered with Eavor Technologies in 2021, has expressed interest in tendering bids for Indonesian geothermal sites, in addition to the current partnerships focused on exploring green hydrogen and other clean tech advancements in the country.

To read the full article by EnergyVoice.com writer Damon Evans, click here.

Combined efforts between Chevron and Eavor to establish next-generation geothermal projects in Indonesia are speculative at this point, but with Eavor’s exponential growth in international markets and commercial project development, it’s difficult to ignore the obvious potential.

Parts of the Indonesian island chain sit on the Ring of Fire, an area of the Pacific Rim dubbed so due to frequent seismic and volcanic activity. While these subterranean conditions lend themselves to high geothermal temperatures, other aspects of the country’s landscape pose a challenge to large-scale facility development.

Eavor-Loop™’s revolutionary design featuring a small surface footprint and zero-emission, closed-loop well circuit make the radiator-style technology an ideal fit for any landscape, including the coastal lowlands and tropical interiors found on many Indonesian islands.

National policy and regulation changes for geothermal advancement are still needed, but green energy enthusiasts can anticipate more news about Chevron’s and Eavor’s continued growth into global energy markets and strides toward a low-carbon future ForEavor.

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