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Eavor Wins Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award

We’re delighted to announce we are the winner of the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award. There are many people and organizations we’d like to thank.

There are many people and organizations we’d like to thank: The EGEC Geothermal Advisory Board and Judging Committee, our entire team for working as hard as they can to make this a reality. Also everyone and their companies who have collaborated with us on our Geothermal Alliance. You’ve all helped make this possible.

We’d also like to thank anyone who’s believed in us and supported our vision to change the world. #EnergyForEavor

Robert Winslow Acceptance speech

“Thank you, Miklos, and thank you to the EGEC for considering Eavor for this prestigious award. 
Ladies and Gentlemen.
In the early days, we met a lot of resistance to the Eavor-Loop concept.  And the same three objections came up time and time again.
Firstly we were told closed-loop has been tried before and it doesn’t work.  We explained that we overcome the relative inefficiencies of conduction based geothermal by burying massive heat exchangers in the ground with more than ~50Km of horizontal pipe.

But even if people were satisfied with this answer they said the drilling would be too expensive.  And 5 years ago that would have been true but Eavor’s technology combined with advances made in the North American oil and gas industry means horizontal wells can be drilled and completed within days.

Which brought us to the most important question.  Where have you built an Eavor-Loop?  So last year we did exactly that by building a full-scale prototype in Canada.  The results met and exceeded all our expectations.

  • The system has been up and running since December 4th.
  • The thermodynamic model and performance data has been independently verified by TNO.
  • Thermal output is within 1 to 2% of the predictions.
  • And the system runs solely on thermosiphon with no pump load.
  • Using the thermosiphon we are also able to run the system as a constant baseload heat source or by following fluctuations in demand over a 24 hour period.

In conclusion, it is the world’s first renewable energy source that is scalable, green and baseload or dispatchable.  We now have a pipeline of more than 50 commercial projects around the world.  Among the first of these will be drilled near Geretsried in Germany early next year.”

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