Euractiv’s Special Report On Geothermal Energy

This series features 5 articles on Geothermal.

” In this special report, EURACTIV looks at the latest developments in geothermal technology and the remaining challenges that need to be addressed before it can become a cheap and reliable source of renewable energy. “

‘Sun beneath our feet’: The European cities turning to geothermalNews | Energy
A growing number of cities in Europe are betting on geothermal to provide households with clean heating, but the little-known renewable energy source will need more attention from Brussels in order to scale up.

Industry: Geothermal energy requires European policy solutionsInterview | Energy
Geothermal power is a reliable and renewable energy source that is local by its nature and offers baseload power generation. Alongside energy efficiency measures and other renewable heat sources, like heat pumps, it could be part of the solution to Europe’s energy crisis, says Sanjeev Kumar.

‘Closed-loop’ technology brings promise of geothermal anywhereNews | Energy
Geothermal energy has until now been constrained to areas with special geological conditions where the earth’s heat is close to the surface. Today, closed-loop technologies make geothermal accessible almost anywhere in the world, opening up new prospects for mass-scale deployment.

‘Always on’: The promise of new geothermal technologiesNews | Energy
The ability of geothermal energy to provide baseload electricity and flexibility to heating and power systems will be invaluable in order to move towards a 100% renewables-based system, experts say.

The Next Revolution in Green Energy is Coming from Right Beneath our FeetOpinion | Energy
The energy industry is at a moment of reckoning. As the global energy demand continues to double and triple, climate change will not wait for us to solve the green energy conundrum on our own schedule. John Redfern is the President …

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