Eavor described as a Canadian venture that’s providing “the world’s most exciting clean tech”

An article published by MaRS recognizes Eavor’s achievement in ranking among the top 12 Canadian companies listed in the Global Cleantech 100 list of 2023.

The article attributes the importance of Eavor’s technology to the popularization of geothermal energy, which is a reliable, nearly infinite energy source that’s “always on,” yet accounts for only a small percentage of renewable power.

The Cleantech Group, a San Francisco-based research firm, has unveiled a list of top cleantech nations, with Canada securing a remarkable second place in representation, exceeded only by the United States. According to the article, Canada’s cleantech ventures are at the forefront of global innovation, working diligently to address crucial challenges like geothermal power, clean energy storage, and hydrogen fuels.

Tyler Hamilton, MaRS’ Director of Cleantech Ecosystems, attributes Canada’s strong showing to earlier government investments in cleantech research and development, which are now yielding tangible results. Canadian companies are currently advancing into the commercialization phase, securing substantial capital infusions to fuel their expansion.

As these enterprises expand, they are often met with challenges associated with scaling up, necessitating adept management of these “growing pains” to ensure harmonious growth. Nevertheless, the article states that the outlook remains promising, and that companies like Eavor are changing that narrative.

The article lists the companies that paint Canada’s innovation landscape, featuring a diverse array of technological ventures spanning carbon capture, energy storage, hydrogen production, and more, underscoring the country’s commitment to sustainability.

Of the top 12 Canadian companies that made the Global Cleantech 100 list, six of the companies are supported by MaRS. As North America’s largest urban innovation hub, MaRS serves as a catalyst for the innovation community, fostering economic growth and meaningful contributions. Their diverse array of services, from advisory support to facilitating vital connections with talent, capital, customers, and beyond, is designed to empower high-growth enterprises on their journey to success.

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