Managing Director Daniel Mölk featured to demonstrate Eavor’s pivotal role in the geothermal sector

To showcase Eavor’s status as a platinum sponsor for the Geothermal Congress in Germany (Der Geothermie Kongress, or DGK), Bundesverband Geothermie interviewed Eavor GmbH Managing Director Daniel Mölk for insights into Eavor’s innovative technology.

Mölk explained that it’s Eavor’s mission to distribute its patented technology around the world. In order to prove that it’s a go-anywhere solution, drilling wells in places where conventional geothermal energy has not been successful is key.

“We want to change the discourse. In the future, the question should no longer be whether geothermal energy works at a certain location, but rather which technology one has to choose so that it can be implemented at any location,” said Mölk.

Mölk indicated that this ambition will not only showcase the innovative nature of Eavor-Loop™ technology, but also emphasize its scalability.

Another element that sets Eavor apart as a company, according to Mölk, is the company’s drilling expertise. Eavor’s projects use proprietary drilling technology, which allowed the company to drill 18,000′ True Vertical Depth to reach temperatures of up to 250°C in New Mexico.

This innovative technology provides the means of harnessing a clean source of energy that is powered by the Earth’s core, which is nearly infinite.

“The industry now has historic momentum because geothermal energy is the only renewable energy source with almost infinite potential that is baseload capable. In addition, it means we do not become dependent on imported materials or fuels.”

Mölk explains that these aspects have great potential to provide energy autonomy around the world. To meet increasing global energy demands, geothermal energy is poised to play a pivotal role in supplying that demand, as it provides clean baseload energy without creating a significant surface footprint.

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