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Euractiv – The Next Revolution in Green Energy is Coming from Right Beneath our Feet – John Redfern

Euractiv recently featured an article where the President and CEO, John Redfern, of the clean energy company Eavor™ talked about the bold transformation needed to revolutionize technology. Redfern points out the shortcomings of wind and solar power due to their inability to work on calm or cloudy days. He suggests there is a better way, a magic battery right beneath our feet.

“The core of the Earth burns at thousands of degrees Celsius. That heat radiates continually outwards to our planet’s surface and will keep doing so for tens of billions of years. In other words, the Earth can be thought of as a colossal battery, with more clean power than we could hope to use. A Canadian government survey estimated that the geothermal energy potential in Canada alone was more than a million times greater than the country’s total energy demand. And this is energy that’s available every minute of every day. So why is everyone still talking about wind and solar?” – John Redfern

Redfern says the complaints about contamination, fracking and impracticality are in the past. The technology has fundamentally changed, and that change comes in the form of the Eavor-Loop™. This self-contained system circulates a proprietary fluid through a well system that runs kilometers below the surface. It can be placed almost anywhere, with low-footprint installations. Essentially, this means you can produce as much energy as needed with zero emissions and perfect dispatchability.

This technology serves to answer the criticism against renewable energy, and its subterranean design makes it practically invisible, unlike the clutter brought forth by wind turbines. It doesn’t require vast tracts of unused space like solar panels; its small size allows it to be embedded into existing communities without disruption. Not to mention the scalability–this technology can be layered and extended underground to any size to access the virtually limitless output of the Earth’s geothermal reservoir.

Redfern mentions the wariness around transitioning to green energy due to people’s dependence on the oil industry for employment. The Eavor-Loop™ is made up of high-precision equipment that must be expertly operated, which is the same equipment that oil and gas workers use on a daily basis.

“Deploying closed-loop geothermal at scale would make oil patch skills and experience the hottest commodity in the clean energy industry.” – John Redfern

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