GEOLAC 2021 Replay Video – What Trends and Technologies are Driving the Geothermal Industry Across LAC geothermal Industry?

Eavor CEO, John Redfern was recently a panellist during GEOLAC 2021.

John participated in the panel named -“What Trends and Technologies are Driving the Geothermal Industry Across LAC geothermal Industry?”

The discussion was covered by Elizabeth Thomson, a correspondent for Quaise Inc. via ThinkGeo Energy.

“Clean, renewable geothermal power—the heat beneath our feet—has huge potential as a clean energy source, even possibly becoming as important as fossil fuels are today, but not without new technologies to make the resource economically viable and available to all. Key to that challenge: the oil and gas industry itself, which is already beginning to leverage its vast expertise to what could be the birth of a new industry. – Those were key takeaways from a live panel discussion” Elizabeth wrote.

“I think the ultimate potential of geothermal is to truly be a replacement for fossil fuels,” said Carlos Araque, CEO of Quaise Inc. and one of six participants in the panel. “Solar and wind will play a role, but displacing fossil fuels is going to take a lot more [than those two]. I think geothermal and some nuclear technologies are the only way to get there.”

“For geothermal “to truly have a large impact on the whole energy transition, it’s going to be through new technology and new implementations,” agreed John Redfern, President and CEO of Eavor Technologies Inc. …Groundbreaking innovations will be complemented by “repurposed technology, infrastructure, and capabilities from the oil and gas industry,” he continued. “That’s why we’re working with and have strategic investors like BP and Chevron.”


Continue reading “Huge potential of geothermal as future energy source” on ThinkGeo Energy.


Watch the panel here


  • John Redfern – Eavor – President and CEO
  • Ann Robertson-Tait – GEOTHERMEX, INC., A SCHLUMBERGER COMPANY – President
  • Joseph A. Scherer – GREENFIRE ENERGY – President and CEO
  • Joseph Bonafin – TURDODEN – Sales and Business Development Manager for Geothermal
  • Nicholas Goodman – CYRQ ENERGY – CEO – Moderator


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