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The First Commercial Eavor-Loop™

Energy security for Europe has begun

The Eavor-Europe™ project is Eavor’s first commercial project, located in Geretsried, Germany. 

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Daniel Moelk

Eavor - Germany County Manager

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John Redfern

Eavor - CEO & President

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Robert Winsloe

Eavor - Executive Vice President

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Historically, the deeper and higher temperature the rock, the slower and more expensive drilling becomes. The Eavor-Deep™ project is designed to break this paradigm and show linear, and potentially sublinear, drilling costs in super-hot ultra-deep environments: Eavor-Aiki™.



Geothermal energy set to rock Europe’s power industry

A recent article by OilPrice.com reports an optimistic future for geothermal energy in Europe in the coming years. Focusing on industries such as oil and gas, geopolitics, and all things alternative energy, OilPrice.com is a global leader in energy news, supplying renowned publications such as TIME Magazine, CNBC, and Business Insider with content and analysis.

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