Segment Director of Seequent demonstrates how geo-mapping software is assisting the acceleration of geothermal projects

ThinkGeo conducted an interview with Segment Director Jeremy O’Brien to discuss how Seequent has been adapting to shifting needs of the geothermal industry over the last decade.

Seequent provides software that enables subsurface professionals to gain maximum value from their geological, geophysical, geochemical, reservoir engineering, and geotechnical data. Since 2012, the New Zealand-based software has been assisting the global industry in multiple ways, such as planning where to drill wells, understanding geothermal resources better, and using downstream tools to simulate reservoirs and assess their performance.

According to O’Brien, approximately 65 percent of all current geothermal power generated globally is “supported by Seequent technology in one way or another.” He also stated that this technology is going to be a great asset as many countries aim for Net Zero in future decades.

“With the understanding now that we need all the resources we have to make a swift energy transition, I think geothermal becomes more and more competitive. I think the example of Munich, where district heating can primarily be provided by geothermal, is exciting. That use case can help push along similar projects across Europe,” said O’Brien.

Additionally, O’Brien also commented: “I think a lot of the geothermal industry have known this, but it’s kind of like a hidden secret in the energy market that when you do the numbers, geothermal has relatively low costs even compared with alternatives like solar and offshore wind. Aside from energy, geothermal energy also brings long-term economic benefits around the communities it operates in.”

Developing a climate-neutral and efficient energy supply for Germany poses a formidable challenge that Eavor is keen to face. The utilization of renewable energy through the Eavor-Loop™ in Geretsried offers a promising, reliable, and clean solution. Yielding 64 MW of gross thermal energy and saving 44.000 tons of CO2 equivalents per year, Eavor-Europe™ is scheduled to provide direct heating to approximately 20,000 homes in the region by late 2024.

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