Children’s storybook highlights the important role that geothermal energy plays in achieving a sustainable future

Published last April, “Our Hidden Powers” is a light-hearted children’s book that illustrates a story about the importance of geothermal energy. Main character, Ignis, and her friends embark on a journey of self-discovery, and how geothermal power, as well as other forms of renewable energy, can help the planet.

ThinkGeo recently interviewed the authors of the book, Kristina Hagström-Ilievska and Gabriella Skog, to learn more about the motivation behind the book’s creation. According to Hagström-Ilievska, inspiration came when trying to explain how geothermal energy works to her son. “Our Hidden Powers” was then created as a fun way to introduce geothermal energy to children, and teach the youngest generation how it can be utilized to help the planet.

Skog explained to ThinkGeo that the book is about: “…the immense natural forces of the earth. Our characters – Ignis, Windy, Kai, Sunny and Terry, teaches children how working together can really make an impact for a better world. We don’t think children should be underestimated, but rather invited to open and honest discussions about the climate. That way, we can empower them to be responsible stewards of the environment.”

The book is currently in English and Swedish, while efforts are currently underway to translate it into Chinese, Icelandic, and Italian. Team members of Baseload Capital, the authors expressed that their hope is that the book can contribute to the conversation about climate change and the merits of renewable energy sources.

Hagström-Ilievska explains that this message also aligns with Baseload Capital’s business strategy:

“We at Baseload Capital are convinced that we need to collaborate to achieve a planet in balance. We even have collaboration in our mission because we strongly believe that we need support from each other in order to succeed. Not only within the geothermal industry, but together with the whole renewable sector.”

Collaboration within the renewable energy sector is something that Eavor also strives for as a business model. Using the baseload dispatchable energy that geothermal supplies is key to creating a clean power grid in any country that aims for Net Zero, as it compliments intermittent energy sources like wind and solar. Rather than competition, collaboration habours more long-term benefits for almost all businesses across the renewable energy landscape.

Support the book by purchasing or becoming an ambassador by visiting the book’s website at https://www.baseloadcap.com/our-hidden-powers/.

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