advancing innovation in geothermal

Reuters Events Report Features Companies Advancing Innovation in Geothermal

Reuters Events presented their first Top 100 Innovators Report “reflecting on the state of innovation across the energy industry today.” The report examines the top innovations and key players that businesses should be watching in energy technology, strategy, and investment. The energy industry has long awaited practical solutions to solve its major pain points, notable innovation in geothermal energy production that is scalable, baseload, and has reliable dispatchability.

The report focuses on praising “the critical work being done by the energy transition’s top innovators, while recognizing that all the actors involved are having to adapt to changing markets and business environments.” Within the ten companies featured in each category, three have been selected for special mention.

Eavor Technologies Inc. is featured as a part of the Top 100 Innovators and selected as a special mention in the Novel Technologies category. Eavor’s closed-loop technology was recognized as having an impact on the energy transition and “worth keeping an eye on.” The report shares how Eavor is “pursuing the promising field of deep geothermal power, which could potentially deliver round-the-clock low-carbon energy anywhere in the world.”

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