Preeminent energy publication reports historic completion of hottest, deepest directional geothermal well

Leading international renewable energy news outlet ThinkGeoEnergy.com covered the recent announcement made by Eavor Technologies Inc. on the ground-breaking Eavor-DeepTM project.

On January 31, Eavor published a press release detailing the completion of the next-generation demonstration project in New Mexico, and it wasn’t long before the news was picked up by ThinkGeoEnergy Editor-in-Chief Carlos Cariaga.

Handling everything from research and writing to strategic planning and audience engagement, Cariaga joined the ThinkGeoEnergy team four years ago as a part-time content contributor. Before starting a career in energy journalism, he was a seasoned geochemist in the geothermal after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines.

Reporting on technology, finance, and news developments in the energy world, Cariaga first covered the Eavor-Deep project in August 2022 when construction and drilling for the pilot project began.

In his recent reporting on the project, Cariaga details the major milestones achieved with the project, which include drilling a 5000m two-leg multi-lateral well that reaches temperatures near 250℃; performing directional drill steering through hard rock and difficult geologic conditions; and demonstrating an improved Rate of Penetration with the use of shock cooling drilling techniques.

Following the project’s success, both bp Ventures and Helmerich & Payne Inc. – providers of the drilling equipment used in Eavor-DeepTM – expanded their stake in Eavor, with bp Ventures investing an additional $10 million and Helmerich & Payne investing another $10.2 million.

Citing the Eavor-Lite project in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, the article mentions how Eavor’s project portfolio validates the scientific theories behind the Eavor-LoopTM. With international project pipelines in Europe, Latin America, the U.S., and Canada, this validation will prove to be vital to geothermal innovation, and in turn, the global energy transition.

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