Power Technology – A $40m investment: could Eavor help geothermal realize its potential?

A great article featuring Eavor written by JP Casey was recently published in Power Technology.

“Geothermal power is one of the world’s most high-potential, yet rarely delivered energy sources. Could a new $40m investment from industry majors such as bp and Chevron help Canadian firm Eavor develop a solution to realize geothermal’s great potential?”

There were some excellent quotes from Eavor’s board member and managing director at bp Ventures, Chad Bown.

“It doesn’t rely on specific geological structures and the technology can theoretically be deployed anywhere.”

“I believe Eavor’s technology will lead to an increase in geothermal power usage.”

“The funding will also help Eavor scale its already extensive project pipeline and deliver on its ambition – to power the equivalent of 10 million homes by 2030.”

We highly recommend checking out the full article here.

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