JWN Energy – It takes a village to grow an economy and cut emissions

JWN recently published an article to their Navigating Net Zero: COP26 Series, focusing on big innovative technologies that will lead to meaningful reductions in global emissions.

The article focuses on the net-zero challenges and the timelines to achieve this goal are too large and complex for one country, let alone one industry to tackle alone. People must come together as a global community to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change. The good news is, Alberta has some of the most valuable expertise and innovative technology that could play a major role in global emission targets.

One example is the innovative solution seen from Eavor Technologies, the Eavor-Loop™, which has been demonstrated in its home province of Alberta. Eavor is producing baseload power through its one-of-a-kind geothermal system, and essentially using the natural heat of the earth like a giant rechargeable battery. Beyond the funding provided by both the Alberta and Federal Governments of Canada, Eavor has confirmed a to date raise of $100million to help with the commercialization of their technology.

The article suggests creating a circular economy will also play an important role in the collective drive towards net-zero. Essentially, this involves capturing the value of the resources, not only through recycling but also through the stages of the product life cycle.

“Alberta is advancing new, expanded, and circular pathways in petrochemical manufacturing and CO2 conversion to value-added products. It is also finding new uses for its current infrastructure by looking into the potential of using abandoned oil and gas wells for geothermal energy development and using its pipeline network to transport alternative fuels.” – Steve MacDonald, JWN

Over the past decade, it has become clear that finding promising technology is not enough. The best ideas do not turn into products or companies instantly, there is a need for complete solutions. “Solutions that incorporate innovation in policy, financing, supply chains, business models, partnerships, and even culture.” – Steve MacDonald, JWN.

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