Getting the Next Generation of Alberta Youth Excited about Renewable Energy

Eavor was recently featured in Alberta’s top community news platform – Todayville.

The article highlights our focus on education and ensuring the future generations have the ability to get involved with Eavor.

“Eavor has taken several steps to further invest in academia in Alberta through the launch of an ongoing educational campaign aimed at engaging Alberta youth in the future of renewable energy in the province and across the nation. As a local, cutting edge technology company on a mission to positively change the world, Eavor recognizes the importance of encouraging the bright members of the young generation to ask questions and actively participate in the ongoing changes occurring in the energy industry. “

“Eavor has developed a unique renewable energy solution by applying established or proven technologies in an innovative and creative way,” says Bailey Schwarz, Lead Engineer for Eavor. “Educating and engaging the next generation will encourage creative thinking and problem-solving in the energy sector that will keep building on these innovations in every sector.” 

“Engaging young adults at the university level is a key part of Eavor’s investment in geothermal education and development in Alberta, however, it doesn’t end there.”

The article is extensive and detailed, highlighting several of Eavor’s educational and academic initiatives. 

Read the full article here –  Todayville – Getting the Next Generation of Alberta Youth Excited about Renewable Energy

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