Dependence on imported energy

Geothermal Energy Could Alleviate Europe’s Dependence on Imported Energy

The current conflict in Ukraine has caused European leaders to reconsider the implications of depending on Russian natural gas for electricity and heating, says The Next Web in a recent article. The reality is most European countries are still primarily reliant on foreign supplies. Now with the advent of new energy sources, electricity generation from advanced geothermal energy production is being widely considered.

The article states, “Other innovative startups and companies in Europe and elsewhere are developing opportunities to use the molten core of the Earth to supply power and heating. Could this be the answer to Europe’s energy woes and a path towards energy sovereignty?”

Closed-loop systems are referred to as the “crème de la crème of geothermal energy production.” The article references Eavor Technologies Inc.’s closed-loop system, Eavor-Loop™, which works similarly to a radiator to extract heat from the Earth. The above-ground site contains a power unit that can turn the heat into electricity or can be used for industrial and residential heating infrastructure.

Eavor is said to be an ideal candidate for the commercial and residential energy demand in Germany as, “nearly 50% of total residential and commercial energy demand is for heating rather than electricity.” The article states, “These Eavor-loops would provide between 12 and 15 MW of energy each — similar to the capacity of the largest wind turbine, but independent of weather.”

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