Emerging Energy Series: Geothermal with Jeanine Vany

Listen to Eavor’s Jeanine Vany, as a featured guest on the first full-length episode of the YWE Changing the Face of Energy Podcast. 

“I’m delighted (and a bit surprised) to be the first Guest on the YWE Changing the Face of Energy Podcast focusing on geothermal energy development in Alberta.” – Jeanine Vany

“Geothermal is ‘heating’ up”. Our first guest is Jeanine Vany, EVP, Geosciences at Eavor Technologies Inc., and a 2019 YWE Award Winner. In this episode, we learn a bit more about Jeanine and her transition from oil and gas to geothermal, and we get a better understanding of the geothermal opportunity for Alberta, including a glimpse into what Eavor is up to. Jeanine is changing the face of energy, take a listen!

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