Eavor’s Anna Rogers Wins Young Professional Award for Her Achievements in Applied Research

Geomechanics Specialist Anna Rogers recently won the Young Professional Award in Applied Research at the 2023 Geothermal Rising Conference. This award acknowledges young individuals who have made substantial advancements in the geothermal sector and innovative contributions to sustainable solutions.

“I’m very excited to have received this recognition, but this award is a reflection of the entire team at Eavor and many other mentors. I am very thankful for the support I have had,” said Rogers.

The Geothermal Rising Conference brings together the global geothermal community and advocates for the widespread adoption of geothermal energy. With a commitment to broadening awareness of geothermal’s pivotal role in the energy transition, the organization works to expand the utilization of geothermal energy through technological innovation, education, and collaboration across various sectors.

“I think that geothermal will have a large part to play in the energy mix of the future. There will be multiple solutions that contribute to a lower carbon-intensive grid,” said Rogers.

“However, electricity is only one component of the energy demand; heat is also very important. We know there is an abundance of heat below our feet. I hope that, as an industry, we can collaborate to find the best methods to sustainably and economically produce it across the globe.”

Rogers has a B.Sc (Honours) in Physics and Geology from Queen’s University and an M.Sc in Geophysics from MIT. At Eavor, she provides Geomechanics support as the company develops and deploys its groundbreaking closed-loop systems. Her responsibilities span project development, drilling operations, and research and development (R&D).

Her previous roles in the energy sector have allowed her to accumulate a wealth of experience, including 3D/4D seismic interpretation, deepwater well planning and drilling operations, and microseismic data collection on unconventional assets.

Upon reflecting on her experiences in the energy sector, Rogers states that some of the most rewarding experiences came from the most unexpected opportunities. For future professionals that are aiming to excel in the clean energy sector, Rogers had this piece of advice to offer:

“Growth often comes from being uncomfortable, but never hesitate to ask for help. Prioritize building genuine relationships with peers and mentors for support. I am extremely thankful for all the kind, talented people I have met while working in the energy industry so far.”

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